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10 Ways to Write Blog Headlines for More Clients & Book Sales

Blog headlines are far more important than the copy beneath them. If you don’t write irresistible headlines for your blog title, you will lose a potential buyer’s attention in a few seconds. That’s serious.

Apply These Top Ten Headline Ideas and Prosper

Your Headline…

1. Needs to compel and propel your social media reader to stay and read all of your blog until your call to action.

The call to action can be “subscribe to my free site information or ezine” or (add to purchase a book …) to a book or product you want to sell. Two best headline examples are questions or how- to statements. They must grab your readers by the collar and hook them, so they will take action.

2. Must be attention-getting.

Use emotion in your copy writing. People buy because they connect emotionally, not because they need something. One example: “Do you make this one mistake that can cost you xxxx?” (cost you what? Money?)

3. Make it benefit-driven.

How your product or service will solve your audience’s problem, concern, or challenge. For instance, “How can you know your project will succeed before you invest much money into it?”

4. Make an irresistible offer.

“How You Can Get to Best Seller Status with 1/2 Price Coaching Offer and Bonus Free Book.”

5. Make a wild promise and pay up.

Most people don’t like hype, but will notice your promises in your benefit statements. Back it up with the how.

6. Keep it simple.

Some headlines go on and on to include many problems and benefits. Stick to a one line for the best results.

7. Include one specific top benefit.

The top headline of your blog should taut results your reader wants. They want answers to their specific questions and concerns. Remember, general doesn’t sell; specifics do.

8. Build curiosity or suspense.

For example, “How to Overcome Writers’ Block with Snake Dancing.” What has snake dancing to do with writing? Sometimes the improbable can hook your reader’s attention, and that’s what you want.

9. Must be “you” centered.

Instead of saying “I can do this for you” write it “You will get this benefit when you…” Check out your blog titles. Do they need a lift? Too many headlines and copy beneath use too many “I’s” in them which turn off your readers.

10. Include keywords in your headlines to make them more searchable.

Prepare a list of good keywords that fit your niche. Some should be high competition like “blog marketing” that gets 110,000 searches a month. Others should be long-tail key words that are more (less) competitive, yet reach fewer people in your target audience. One example is “blog online marketing strategies” that gets 6500 searches in a month. You can check your niche keywords at Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

If you don’t pay attention to your blog headlines and make them as irresistible as you can, you will wonder why you aren’t getting increased traffic each month and why you aren’t getting those sales you want. Educate yourself by joining blogs and forums.

If you are serious, get some specific blog coaching.

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Judy Cullins

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  • Good advice. Thanks. Unfortunately, I am reluctant to make bold claims.

  • Thanks Judy this was very interesting, I will now rewrite the title to my blog. Is a will in the cozy category?
    Una Tiers

  • Una, I don't have enough info to answer this question. Give mean orginal title and then some posssible specific titles.

  • Doug, Of course not every point in this blog artilcle will work for you. I do trust you got some value from it though. Big gurus make bold claims, but must deliver too.

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