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13 Best Blog Marketing Titles that Add to Web Traffic and Sales

Does your blog seem like too much work for the results you receive? Do you want to create a blog that your audience will read? With just a little tweaking, now you can with these 13 title samples scoured from my coaching clients and other online resources.

Before you use these title examples, be sure you already know your target audience. That alone can bring lackluster or great results. Good results mean more targeted prospects will visit, subscribe, and buy from you. When you set a marketing plan for your marketing/sales funnel, you will position yourself as the “go to” person in your field, creating ongoing wealth.

Here’s 13 randomly chosen title ideas.

Using the blank on the left of these numbered titles, check the ones that will work for you.

_____1. The Most Dangerous Threat to Your….

_____2. Increase Your ____Subscription by ____%.

_____3. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You ____.

_____4. The Shocking Truth About….

_____5. Five Little Known Factors that Could Affect Your….

_____6. Five Ways to End Your Problem of….

_____7. Seven Ways to Take Charge of Your Unruly Problem.
(specify what problem)

_____8. Five Things your Target Market Needs to Hear You Say.

_____9. Three Myths About ____and Their Solutions.

____10. Five Ways to Get This Success.

____11. Seven Mistakes You Don’t Know You are Making on ____.

____12, Do You Make These ____Mistakes that Cost You ____?

____13. 10 Smart Resources that Bring You ____ (benefit here).

Make Your Blogs Better with Coaching

One recent blog client I’ll call Jeanette, said, “I have so many blog posts up on my site. I want to hone in on my 3 best audiences of Binge Eaters, Anorexics, and Bulimics. Up until now, my blogs are so dull. How can I make them more powerful?”

We brainstormed in three sessions with editing included to produce 10 new powerful titles and posts. She also used my article blueprint to make her blogs so loved that her readers would promptly subscribe to her site’s offerings, and after time and trust, invest in her programs.

Now Jeanette’s blogs have a specific purpose…

  • To market her web blog subscription and free ebook.
  • To market her three low fee priced books on the same targeted topics.
  • To market her upcoming mid priced products through her marketing email programs.
  • To market her higher priced in house programs.

These are her new marketing/sales funnels that reach all of her potential clients and fans. She’s committed to implement actions to make this plan a reality.

You know the benefits of blogging. Now you can make it pay handsomely.

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    Looks like you have some great info here. I'm done with my "Social Media Marketing" for today and must move on to other things, but I hope you won't mind if I send you an invite to connect on Linked-In as well. I'm a Women's Empowerment Coach with a gift for emotional healing. At the moment I'm narrowing my niche to Finding and Keeping Mr. Right, which I know is a hot field, but while I have quite a few rss feeds, I don't have nearly enough subscribers. From what I've read here, I think your advice will be invaluable and I appreciate it.
    Thanks a bunch,

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