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Why Choose Judy Cullins as Your Book Coach?


What I want for each of you visiting this blog/website is to be financially successful in your book or business marketing project.

Judy coached a first time writer taking me from A to Z to book writing and publishing. She tought me how to identify the right audience, how to emphasize the right points right, how to keep my audience captive. She is a person full of energy, experience and passion. She devotes herself to your success. Thank you Judy!
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What I Can Offer You

Content rich free blog posts, free and low fee products, and low fee and full on hour coaching sessions. Judy offers phone and email coaching on these topics:

  1. Book Writing & Self Publishing
  2. Book Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Website Visibility
  5. Blog Writing & Marketing
  6. Business Visibility
  7. Creating Your Branding Story

Short cut your business success journey with Judy Cullins as your business partner!

My Book Coaching Branding Story

Was I going to be “green and growing” or ‘ripe and rotting?” I asked myself.

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School Beau racy Dampened My Spirit

The “ripe and rotting” stage reflected my continued challenges with the school bureaucracy. The college staff called me a “Xerox abuser.” They were right. I wrote one early book, “Beyond Speed Reading” and printed it on the school’s machines. While they disapproved, they did hire me to teach speed reading and super reading, goal setting, and confidence training in a class called “Personal Growth.” This gave me new confidence and gave me the power to be creative, so I did stay a while.

See Opportunities to Grow–Networks Paved the Way to Leave Ripe and Rotting

At this same time, the “green and growing” part came from my joining G.R.O.W. (Giving Organization for Women network.) After being a guest at one meeting, I saw the power of this and other business groups aimed at entrepreneurs. We were teachers and housewives and some of us owned solopreneur businesses. I fit right in! These powerful local networking groups influenced my attitudes. I gained confidence; I could be successful with my speed reading business to start. One opportunity was to be the speaker of the week an offer my solutions to writing and marketing challenges.

Still working for the schools for a regular paycheck, I discovered my passion for writing, how to write short how to books in the holistic health fields and business books. These short books I sold at the back of the room, and they brought in an extra $2000 a month. School are funny. They don’t approve of teachers earning a lot. The more these seminars dried up, the more I looked for help I needed–getting a website with sales letters for each product and service I offered and the ability to sell from the website. I turned to an old friend and also hired a talented web master from the local high school. He and I are still together today. He’s responsible for keeping my name out there and helps me stay current in online marketing.

Teaching others how to write short books led to my full on skills company and website At first I was “one of a kind.” No one else was teaching this on the net.

See Opportunities – From Networking to Talented Experts Helped Show Me the Way

Did I mention that I jumped on an offer to be a part of a speaking team that were going online with our sites, our excellent information, and our popular useful teleseminars. These featured one of us each time. Among speakers, I got known on the web as the expert in short how to, self-help, and self published books. I encouraged all nonfiction authors to leave the dark ages of long print books, and invest a small amount for a big payoff in eBooks.

Teaching three-five seminars a month on book writing and creative writing, I got enough practical know how and experience along with the other seminars I took to fill out any lack of business skills. I learned from my partners–one in print marketing, one in hiring speakers, one in communication that people love, and myself, the Short Book Book Coach, who could get their books self published as at much lower cost, and still brand their business.

Why Write a Short eBook? Let me count the Ways. Because you…

  • Finish so much faster. Think a month to six months.
  • Create only the chapters that answer your audience’s questions about their concerns and problems. A good amount is 4-7 chapters. A good length is 5-7 pages.
  • Save so much money–can use savings to market and promote early and do it right.

How Did I Do it? Meet the Laid Back Hustler

When I was still in the schools I did sell short books in all of my seminars. They included memory, conquering clutter, speed-reading, 6-7 health seminars, and marketing is a philosophy, not a department. At the same time, I launched my writing seminars. When finished fast, they were ready to sell in all my seminars, not just one. This doubled my teaching income at the time. During my full time seminar on “How to Write a Print or eBook–Fast!” most of my chapters came together here. But in this book, I did create two new approaches to writing a short book, especially eBooks (This was five years before we knew Kindle)

One. In Chapter Two, entitled “Write Each Book Chapter with only One Edit.”

This helps you not only to create a consistent structure to the book, but to write with dialogue, frequent headlines, use mind mapping for outlining, and answer only the questions your audience wants answered (they don’t want your lecture) that benefits them to get their life or business right. It includes an opening hook, sharing the chapter benefits to motivate readers to keep going, a middle with stories, case studies, and tips. The new ending is so much different to what you know now. It motivates your audience to the next chapter.

Two. In Chapter Three, entitled “Market While you Write Knowing Your 9 Hot-Selling Points.”

Every part of your book sells you. Inside the covers and outside online. You need to know these: 1. Titles sell Books. 2. Create a Cover that your Audience Can’t Resist. 3.Write your book’s Thesis for Nonfiction or Theme for Fiction. 4. Know your Primary Audience ( specific) 5. Write your Mini Sales Letter Introduction in 5 Steps. 6. Create you Table of Contents from your Chapter Titles. 7. Write Out your Book’s Benefits and Features (they are different). 8. Write your 30 second “Tell and Sell” and 9. Write your Back Cover or web Sales Letter.

The benefits of the Hot Selling Points? Each one you give specific answers for will help you’re your book–even before it’s finished! They help you write focused, compelling copy with no lectures. They cut editing time and help make your book easy to read and engaging to your one particular audience so they will finish it and become your 24/7 sales team.

Overcome your Stuckness – My Success Can Be Your Success

In my earlier days I finished at least one short print book each week for my many seminars. I got them out faster too. I made money faster, I made many friends and business associates who helped one another. Many “A” (just kidding) students became my friends. It was fun, kind of laid back, and so fascinating to meet all the lovely people wanting a great future like I did.

Count Your Benefits Your Book/Business Brings

What will you spend your book income on?

Traveling is in my bones. From Africa to Peru, from Trinidad to Tobago, from India to Turkey, from Florida to all the Caribbean with the My online success as a full-service book coach easily paid for all my 25 trips abroad.

Remember, when you set a money goal, add what you want to do with the money.

Because of many rules and barriers to my talents plus limited fun, I overcame and finally left the school bureaucracy to create my own business. I just didn’t fit in with all the rules and often got called to the Dean’s office. To create my own business, I read somewhere that I’d need business skills of speed reading, speaking, marketing, sales, communication, record keeping and writing! I had the reading and writing down, but needed more marketing, speaking and sales skills.

I opened “Skills Unlimited” seminars in the mid 80’s and presented “How to Become an Entrepreneur” “Marketing is a Philosophy, Not a Department “and “Beyond Speed Reading.” Each year, I added new seminar titles, then wrote the required books to sell with the seminars. One book, “Passion at any Age” came from my long time experience with senior adults. This led to many more seminars in the personal growth and holistic health field – and from a passion coach I evolved to a “How to Write your Book” seminar with a book I wrote that my attendees could take home and keep learning from. For all the skills I needed, I wrote books and gave seminars. And that’s so true today with authors. We write the books we need to read.

In 1985, My Book Coaching Business Was Born!

Still going strong in 2013, my mission and passion in my present day full-service book coaching is to help unknown authors create the income they deserve, build their confidence, writing skills, and marketing tactics to get their unique, useful story out to their audience who wants an outstanding life and work.

Five San Diego based seminar companies hired me to teach my “skills unlimited.” All giving my skills polish and income that was way beyond my wildest dreams – just what I wanted. No more teaching English!

I kept taking business seminars and learning from business networking groups. All this said to me, “Time to focus on my favorite skill.”

Hence, I landed on “How to Write a Book – Fast” seminars and my still best-selling book of the same name in the 1990’s, enjoying them then and still today. To fill the seats, and sell the books, I gladly wrote 10 press releases each month and gave free talks at the libraries.

Want Real Success? See a Need and Fill it

After 25 local authors published with me, I knew a need was there. Time to expand to new audiences online – mostly non-fiction authors, many of whom were business people who wanted to brand themselves with a book.

Obstacles Among the Roses

Did I have obstacles?

Of course. In one local publishing group I joined, I ran into a few nay-sayers with loud voices. They questioned me, “who was I to share these book skills?” A complete unknown! I didn’t listen to the negatives. I steered clear of the negative people. I joined a woman’s networking group who focused on business growing with love called GROW (Giving and Receiving Organization for Women) and got the support I needed.

Of course. Before I published my first business book, “The Annotated San Diego Networking Directory,” my computer broke down and I had to type the manuscript on a typewriter! – what a blow. But I made the deadline (live line) and sold 500 copies in the first two months. With little budget, savvy friends set up the graphics and format to get this book into print. My name got to be known by the all business shakers, because I interviewed them. They helped build my business with word of mouth, and became good friends too.

Of course. I left a smothering marriage and experienced a hard divorce. It did lead to one of my early books, “Joy Ride,” a memoir. You can bet the joy came after the divorce! This action opened up the doors to new adventures including all these new positive friends and building my coaching business. I love my fun in personal relationships as well as I love the fun in my coaching relationships. I believe, if it ain’t fun and easy, don’t do it.

New Doors Opened To Help Me Stand Out From the Crowd as the Full Service Book Coach

I changed who I hung out with and joined another publishing group, whose leader I am still good friends with, where my job was to book speakers for the monthly programs. This positioned me as savvy friend to the big names, a great opportunity for me. After booking a program with self-publishing giant, Dan Poynter, I got to know him. He encouraged me and even endorsed my #1 best-selling book, “Write your eBook or Other Short Book – Fast!”

This book gave a better way for authors to write books fast and make sure they would sell well. I was determined to share these gems with a much bigger audience – the online audience of millions! Our relationship was great giving and receiving. I first gave Dan Poynter helpful book writing and marketing tips for his newsletter. Then, asked him to partner with me in a teleseminar, ” Promoting your Book for Introverts and Reluctant Marketers.” Dan was the introvert, and I, the extrovert. What fun we had. It was a financial success too. From these helping hands and gentle people, and my years of experience teaching book writing, I launched my book coaching business, and have been online since 2000.

My Vision Expanded with Support

I’ve never looked back to the traditional book marketing paths. And from these beginnings I got the confidence to investigate and use the internet to market my books and show my clients how to do that too.

Thank you early mentors and coaches who made my journey easier and faster. And fun.

Thank you social media for all you’ve done for us! It seems natural that my book coaching writing sessions now include book marketing, social media marketing, web copy writing and business building.

That’s why I authored 13 more books, including, “Advanced Article Marketing,” “10 Non-Techie Ways to Market your Book Online,””How to Write a Website That Sells,” “Building your Business with Twitter,” and my latest, “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build your Book and Business Sales.” That’s why I’ve published 500+ articles and blogs over the past 13 years, and delivered 100’s of programs via teleseminars with skills, how to’s, and compassion for my audiences.

My Passion?

It’s still strong today, with seasoned wisdom I got along the way. I’m happy to have helped 90 clients publish their books, and many more to build their business with social media, blogs, and sharing their branding story to upload onto their websites in the “About You” pages.

My motto to this day is, “It’s always easier, cheaper, and faster with a partner.”

6 Ways to Work with Judy Cullins
Book Coach since 1985

  1. Enroll me as a team member & individual consultant for book writing, platform building, branding yourself, book marketing, and your self-publishing efforts.
  2. Engage me as a speaker for a breakout or as a panelist for your event or conference.
  3. Enroll as a client for hands on book coaching with feedback to get your book written, create your platform, brand yourself, market you and your book, and get published.
  4. Elicit a response in my book group at LinkedIn called Book Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing for Business People. Answers and ideas come from the over 13,000+ in the group, including other experts and myself.
  5. Engage me to identify the right steps you need to take the scary out of social media marketing, so you do sell books and get well known. You’ll learn what I knew before, what I know now, and what I’m learning.
  6. Interview me as a compassionate book coach, who knows important skills, strategies and actions to make authors’ book dreams a reality. My passion? To help authors get more profits for their efforts.

Here’s Her 25 Point Platform…

What Judy wants for you is to get all the book sales and clients you want, and do it with joy.

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  1. Judy Cullins is author of 14+ books and packages on book writing, publishing, promotion and small business marketing with articles and social networking.
  2. Author of her # One Best Seller, How to Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!, in eBook, Kindle, and print formats available on and Judy’s site.
  3. Author of Top-Selling Books and Packages Including…
    • LinkedIn Marketing – 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales
    • Ten Non Techie Ways to Market Your Book Online
    • Advanced Article Marketing Web 2.0 Updated Secrets
    • Your Book and Business Marketing Plan
  4. Gives over 50 programs a year to business people who want to brand themselves with a book and authors who treat their book as a business. These include teleseminars on fast chapter writing, self-publishing and internet marketing via articles and LinkedIn visibility.
  5. Author of over 460 articles, 100 Special Reports and 155 business tips circulating the net, she has built her opt-in website email conversions as well as sales conversions to a level of 2% or more.
  6. Built her own promotion/marketing business on the internet since 2001. Her sales went from $75 the first month to over $4500 a month in the next years. In 2006-2007, Judy doubled her income. In 2008/2010 she optimized and updated her website to build much more visibility and credibility.
  7. Speaks on book writing, self-publishing, social media marketing, and article marketing your book or business on teleclasses, San Diego seminars, and world-wide conferences.
  8. Guest speaker for top speakers such as Debbie Allen and Annie Jennings. Has spoken for top organizations including, SD Professional Coaches, SD Speakers Organization, Speakers University with Sandra Schrift, Learning Annex and others. She frequently works with joint venture partners such as Shel Horowitz and Dan Poynter.
  9. Awarded the Oden Award in 2004 by the San Diego Writers and Editors organization for outstanding writing service to the community along with Richard Lederer.
  10. Refined and profited by using articles and blog posts to promote her own and her coaching clients’ businesses.
  11. Known as the industry savvy expert in online book marketing – specifically LinkedIn marketing for small businesses with a service or a product. Her many interviews are posted on top, high-traffic web sites, as well as her blog.
  12. After twelve years Judy still remains # 1 on Google with the keywords “book coaching” and “book coach.”
  13. Judy receives over 175 unique visitors daily. She grows these numbers 25% each month from social networking and her book coaching blog.
  14. Judy maintains 7-10 coaching clients each month and shares her expertise in Group Coaching.
  15. Judy gets regular feature stories on her services in major media each year.
  16. Published in publishing industry leader magazines such as PMA, SPAN, and many other print and online newsletters.
  17. Dan Poynter, self-publishing guru, and Debbie Allen give rave testimonials about Judy’s books and programs. Hundreds of clients gave testimonials that are posted on Judy’s website.
  18. Judy shares book writing expertise with over 1,500 fans on her Facebook page. You can join her fan club there.
  19. Judy shares weekly business book writing tips and resources with her LinkedIn group, “Book Writing, Self Publishing, and Marketing for Business People,” Twitter, and Facebook followers.
  20. Judy’s free weekly website subscription at includes her free teleseminar audio recording 5 Strategies to Create an eBook That Practically Writes and Sells Itself.
  21. Judy keeps her name in front of her online public through her weekly 10 hours spent on promotion and marketing – including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blog social networking.
  22. Judy delivers teleclasses on “How to Write your Print and eBook at the Same Time,” “How to Make Big Money from your eBook,” “How to Write and Submit Articles,” “Advanced Article Marketing – Web 2.0 Updated Secrets,” “Build Your Business with Twitter,” “Planning and Writing Your Web Site for Big Sales,” and “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales.”
  23. Judy offers half hour strategy sessions on book writing, book promotion, book and business platform, social media marketing, and web planning / sales copy.
  24. Judy raises her credibility and visibility through almost daily participation in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and on her blog.
  25. A business person and book coach for over 25 years, Judy offers what she learned before and what she learns today to her clients – always savvy with up-to-the-minute information that helps businesses thrive.

A Note from Judy…

Just to let you know I’m here as an author advocate and book strategist for you who are ready for the journey.

All to create value for your clients and customers.

With Enthusiastic Service,


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