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Blog Marketing – How to Write 500 Word Posts in 7 Steps

Share your 500-word informational blog posts to create trust and likability for your expertise to gain clients, product sales, and much bigger visibility.

This social network marketing strategy will bring you even double your traffic when you promote your blog with LinkedIn marketing. With a blog, you’ll be seen as a pro and fresh, because you offer your information twice a week, even more.

How to Write the 500 Word Blog Post

1. Create a benefit-driven title in less than 67 characters.

This way readers and Google will like and read. Include appropriate key words to rank your blog page higher in Google. Hook your audience in the title, the intro, the body, and the ending. How to’s work well. The above title is 55 characters.

2. Hook your target audience in the first 1-3 sentences.

Because that may be all they read. Include benefits for your audience here as I did above in the first sentence.

3. Know your article’s purpose and specific audience.

Narrow your slant or focus just for them. Write another post slanted toward another audience.

This blog post’s audience includes readers who want information on creating a better life, making a difference, or more wealth, health or business. I post each blog URL in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn group discussions. If you are a blogger, solo professional, speaker, coach, consultant, entrepreneur or author, you will benefit from using this blog strategy.

4. Write an outline, or mind map one with four to six major points.

Do this before you write. I’ve written 13 business books using mind mapping. My outline and headings for this article include the seven steps below:

The 7 Steps Overview

  1. Write for Your Targeted Market.
  2. Write an Outline First
  3. Write An Outline With Four-Six Sub Points
  4. Write Each Paragraph to Support Your Outline Headings
  5. Write Two to Three Short Sentences for Each Paragraph
  6. Create Three to Five Paragraphs from Each Heading
  7. Revise Copy Looking for Ways to Tighten Your Article

5. Write two to three sentences for each paragraph.

Remember, each sentence must support the thesis or title. Mine is “Blog Marketing–How to Write 500 Word Posts in 7 Steps.”

When I include the number of steps in title, my blog posts get opened by many more readers. To thank you for your effort, readers often leave a question or comment on your blog and if they like your style and information, they will subscribe, giving you a chance to stay in touch with them.

Break down each short paragraph into three standard-length or less sentences (15-17 words each). For drama, write one or two shorter sentences. Fragments are OK. One paragraph contains around 100 words. Five paragraphs of five sentences of 20 or less words will equal close to 500 words.

6. Create three to five paragraphs from your outline.

All sub points must also support the thesis. Write concise, compelling paragraphs that explain and give examples.

If you write over 100 words, tighten your copy. Shorten or leave out stories or analogies. Shorten examples. Cut redundant sentences, phrases, and words. Drop most “is” verb forms and “ands.” They slow the copy and the reader down, a cardinal sin in writing. Bored readers will leave. Instead, use vital, action verbs and colorful nouns.

7. Revise and look for ways to tighten your article.

  • Use bullets to clarify and shorten copy.
  • Reduce or eliminate quotes and anecdotes.
  • Replace -ly adverbs and adjectives with picture or feeling power verbs and nouns.
  • Let go of superfluous words like “that.”
  • Use one or two-syllable words for easy-to-read, compelling copy.

For your conclusion, write only a sentence or two to either sum up or add a new benefit. Your blog at your business site is a solid way to increase your site’s traffic, and from that, many will eventually buy from you.

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  • E.G. Sebastian2

    Great tips – thanks!

    I do tend to write tooooo looooong blog posts – this provides me some ideas to structure my posts a bit…

  • Angela

    I am going to use this as a reference when writing my blogs. Thanks for the information.

  • Judy Cullins

    Angela, Thanks for your comment. It's so important to get all ducks coordinated so your marketing works.
    Interconnect your blog with LI and FB for sure!

  • Judy Krings

    Tight and right! Loved it and wish I had had this articlel years ago!

  • Chesney

    THANKS. I fight hard to keep my posts under 800 words. Slowly getting there.

  • Marcia Ming

    This is great Judy, I will use it in writing my own posts and I will share it with friends. Thanks.

  • Judy Cullins

    I love your "tight and right" comment, Judy. Thanks and now how are your blogs going? Feeling more confident? You should.

  • Judy Cullins

    Chesney all lengths are OK, but 500 is a sweet number to many!

  • Judy Cullins

    Marcia, Glad you liked this one. I hope you go to my link at top of site and click "social media." You'll find many more specific how to's there!

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    Some really great tips Judy. It’s so easy to get lost in ones blog and lose the core message. I particularly love your advice in point 7!

  • judycullins

    Glad you got value from this article. KEep reading them as rhey come to you!

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