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Many of you often read my how to articles on book writing and book marketing, some of you buy my books and audios that teach different skills in the book game. Others, who are serious and committed, hire me as your savvy book coach. And a few of you share your ahas that help me and my subscribers shine.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve offered you my free newsletters and blog subscriptions. Within those writings, maybe I’ve chastised you for procrastinating, or over thinking your marketing.

Yes, it pays to get book coaching help on these challenges, but right now, I’m in the New Year zone. I want to share my gratitude for you who are overcoming all kinds of challenges to finish your book projects.

Maybe you are ill, or caring for an ill loved one, or trying to raise young children.

I know excuses keep coming to let us off the hook of the big responsibility of doing a book project, especially one we want to make money from. Certainly you’ve heard of “I’m still in school.” Or “I’m getting old” or “I’m working all day and only write at night.” How about, “I’m distracted, codependent, under medicated, and where’s my chocolate?”

I applaud you for finding the courage, time, and dedication to write–in spite of it all. Let me show the way…

What I’m Grateful For

AA. I’m so grateful for Warren Samu, my business partner and webmaster. He’s kept my name alive and lively the past 15 years.

One. I live in a beautiful home surrounded by trees and beautiful flowers and colorful artwork inside.

Two. Every time I awaken in the morning, I’m glad I have a chance to live fully one more day.

Three. I love spending quality time with my close friends and family.

Four. I enjoy my life’s partner, Bill, for the last 20 years and today. He’s a big helpmate.

Five. I still love writing and want to keep sharing the good stuff to help you.

Six. I love where I live for its plentiful fresh foods that nourish me and keep me healthy.

Seven. I love that I enjoy movement each day to include stretching, walking and dancing.

Eight. I love my women’s spiritual group where we support and accept one another unconditionally.

Nine. I’m glad my eyes are so healthy that let me read 3-4 books a week–both fiction and nonfiction.

Ten. I’m happy for my compassion for others that keeps me emotionally happy.

Finally, I’m grateful for you readers, and you who give insightful comments on my blog.

What are you grateful for as a book writer?

Please leave a comment below about a few of your gratitudes that bless your writing life. (This should be good and you’ll learn a lot from all of us)

Judy Cullins

Judy Cullins

Book Coach at
Book Coach Judy Cullins, author of 38 books including “Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!”, solves the tough problems for top business people writing a book. She determines their unmet needs of having enough time, positive mindset and tried and true writing skills that create a book their ideal audience will love.
Judy Cullins
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  • Erica Tucci

    Judy, I had a stroke in 2011 and still healing. However, I was able to write my fourth book based on my ordeal entitled Radiant Survivor ( It reached #2 on Amazon UK and US during its launch in November 2013. I am grateful that my stroke affected my right side since I am left handed, so I was able to write my book. I am grateful that Kevin Sorbo (aka Hercules of the TV series) and Dr Bernie Siegel endorsed it and Bernie was a guest panelist on my telesummit during my launch. I am grateful for the wonderful support I have received from family and friends throughout my situation. I am grateful for the awareness that Spirit “has my back” and is supporting me every step of the way. I am.grateful for the resources I have at my fingertips to help me along my path (including you). I am grateful for what the new year is going to bring forth…much joy, happiness, and abundance as I continue my journey of full healing. I am grateful for all that I have planned around my work as a massage therapist, Reiki master, life coach, and author. I AM GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE! 🙂 <3

  • Ann

    What an uplifting message, Judy. Thank you. I needed to read those words today. This morning I woke up sad because I realized that I cannot finish my novel. I’ve struggled for months but just cannot get the pieces to work. This saddened me for the first hour, until I realized that it could be a good thing: Now I am free to go back to what I can do: Write Stories. I am grateful that I know how to write and publish entertaining stories. Thus, instead of struggling to do something I cannot, I will stick with what I can – and be grateful for it.

  • Adriana Vega

    God bless your Life !!!

  • Claudia

    Thanks for your up-lifting words, Judy. I put my book on hold last year because I felt I was writing the wrong book. I’ve set a goal to complete the right book by the end of 2014. I’ve many, many things to be grateful for and I feel incredibly rich because of it. And I’m grateful for the help you’ve given me over the last year. So thanks a million. Have a great 2014.

  • judycullins

    Thanks for the kind words, Claudia. The wrong book happens all the time. You can check with me to see if this book is your right book.

    Fill out my coaching agenda sheet at the end of this page to discuss in a short phone session. Check it out at

  • judycullins


    Good to know your positives and work toward completing those projects! We don’t have to do what everyone else does.

    You sound like a freed writer.

  • judycullins

    Dear Erica,

    You sound like you know yourself well and you keep moving forward to your goals. Hooray!

  • Mikel

    I want
    to write a book about my life and all the things i have been through but i
    want to change things up,but i cant think of any any ideas to grab the
    readers attention on my first page? But, essays on line is
    the most perfect to me.

  • judycullins


    Start with short articles and then see if they add up to a book. I too love article writing and short ebooks. Good luck on your project.

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