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Why Bother Creating an eBook?

Have you been seeing the exponential growth of ebook sales reported for 2011 and beyond? The new numbers of ebook sales looks promising for all of us who are in business and need more visibility and credibility.

In 2011, Amazon ebook sales overtook print book sales, and the gap continues to widen dramatically. Imagine, ebook sales might actually be a $10 billion per year market by 2016!

Who doesn’t want to create wealth and income with the least amount of effort? Who of you in business doesn’t want to create yourself as a top expert in your field?

As a long time book coach, who has authored over 20 eBooks that bring in regular income each month, and clients who want guidance to bring out their best, the one answer that I’ve known and recommended for over 13 years, is to…

Write a Short, Quality eBook

Short means between 20 pages and 110 pages. It’s far easier to create a short book than a long print book that busy professionals don’t have time to read.

Quality means that you don’t just slap notes together; you create real chapters with real benefits to help you readers. Those chapters with a branded structure such as an engaging chapter title, your own brand of tips you offer, and a consistent format for each chapter. That means a beginning, middle, and end that are always engaging too.

Most writers fail to engage because their ego says their book is fine and just needs a little editing. They don’t realize they lecture on what they know instead of answering questions their readers want answered. Ho hum and with this style, your readers will stop reading and put your book down – the kiss of death to your sales.

Another huge mistake is to not write your book for a particular audience. When you know this, your copy will flow easily and you won’t even need notes. Its part of what I teach in chapter writing.

Your busy audience today respects ebooks, contrary to traditional publishing myths out there.

They want particular information direct, fast, and easy-to-read. And, they can download an ebook instantly which beats driving and mailing hassles for print books. With the popularity of the iPad, Kindle, Nook, and other tablets, people can bring hundreds and thousands of ebooks within wherever they go.

Isn’t time for you to expand your business and start to earn a larger profit? To gain more visibility and credibility for you and your brand? To attract plenty of new clients and customers to your products and services?

It’s time for you to put your own wisdom and expertise out there!

It’s time for you to write an ebook!

Short List of eBook Benefits

1. Use your ebook as part of your promotion platform.

This draws your specific audience to you and your book-selling site.

2. Generate substantial ongoing income for yourself or your business with your ebook.

Like me, you can offer many discounted ebooks in addition to your main book packages.

3. Give your audiences a free ebook when they sign up for your newsletter.

Show the benefits of your newsletter in the landing page. Without benefits shared, you won’t’ get nearly as many signups. People are busy. They want certain information. Make sure you let them know how valuable it is.

4. Build incentive and great ongoing book sales from your growing opt-in list.

People who come for your free reports, newsletter, blog information, and teleseminars can all become potential customers and clients. With a large email list, you can continue to follow up with your announcements, new tips, and offers via book downloads and your teleseminar MP3 recordings that your specific audience wants.

5. Build visibility and credibility from your ebooks.

They are the #1 way to show you as the savvy expert or go to person in your field. You are an expert – prove it once you write that quality ebook.

6. Generate leads for higher priced products.

If your audience likes your ebook, they may buy a coaching or bigger book package from you.

7. Jump start your business success with a quality ebook that has passed a book coach’s test.

Remember, you will move faster and get to your golden book and business goals when you use accountability coaching, which is just one thing a book coach can do for you.

Sharing is Caring!

What has writing an ebook done to improve your business and lifestyle? What challenges did you face? What problems do you still need solved? We’d love to hear your story and help you out :)

  • Jack Hamilton


    Thank you for being my writing coach.

    I actually have 34 E-book/book's 'under pen'

    as it were, but one has, or will soon have,

    the 'publicity' to 'sell' it.

    'I' put 5 small town cops in prison for conspiracy.

    A disabled coma patient with no criminal record.

    And it was easy because they were stupid.

    Check out some of my writings on

    {My greatest Accordion performance} is a good one.

    Thanks again…?

    J. Winters von Knife

    Jack the Knife…?

  • ntathu allen

    Bless You Judy – thanks for sharing – you are always one step ahead and lead by example – the best way. Hugs Ntathu

  • judy cullins

    Hi J. Thanks for commenting. It keeps the blog interesting Think your book premise holds drama and will go well if you promote it well.

    BE sure to look under the topics at the left side of my site's home page and read about your book's promotion platform under "Book Marketing."

    I will check out soon!


  • judy cullins


    Great to see your comment here. How is your new eBook series going? You may want to get my MP3 of my eBook how to's for only $6.95 at

  • judy cullins

    Jack and anyone who visits this post should know that marketing and promoting is what sells any book.

    I advise you to focus on your best book first and market that intensely–Do content marketing, educating your audience on what you know–that means doing a blog, joining social media and article marketing plus putting up a selling website. When you put out a lot of books, you thin your results because online, it's best to only market one thing in each email or resource box at the end of your content.

  • Jim Snyder

    How does your use of a short ebook work with fiction or poetry. I have a large collection of poems. Should I publish a shorter collection (15-20 poems) to expose them to my message and style? Should I publish a chapter or two of my novel as an example of the whole?

  • Maeve

    Hi Judy,

    I love your emails and am grateful for the information you share within each and every one. Today's email asks about ebooks and I wanted to respond to this. I have recently written an ebook, Become Your Own Soul Mate – A Ten Step Guide to Fall in Love with You. This ebook is for single people who are looking for their soul mate and it shares tips, strategies and daily processes to guide the reader to become more self loving and honouring themselves. My challenge is how to make it available for free download, I have a wordpress site and would like it to be easily accessible. Many thanks, Maeve

  • Laura


    Just saw this post, but I think it still applies. For my own two cents, I created a novelette eBook series, Submerged, for people who don't have a lot of time, but want an entertaining read (and in this case, appreciate the ocean :). To market the series, I created a dedicated website for people to learn more,

    Although it's not directly related to my freelance writing business (I don't offer fiction writing services), the series has a science & environmental theme – topics I do write about. Cheers, Laura

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Laura,
    Love how you've leveraged your knowledge to ceate a theme for your short fiction. Congrats on that and glad you left a comment.

  • Judy Cullins

    Thanks for sharing Maeve. I love your title and think it's right on. You can give the free download as an ethical bribe at your site when someone opts in. Then you have their email to stay in touch with them. A great way to spread the good word!

  • Judy Cullins

    JIm, thanks for chiming in here. Poetry is a long short, but publish for the love of it. Yes, give a free chapter on novel, but not on non-fiction.

  • Judy Cullins

    How could I have missed this one? I'm so sorry to be tardy. Jack the Knife? why not? Just reading "Victims" by Kellerman. Love his short dramatic sentences!

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