What's Included in Judy Cullins' Premier Book Coaching Programs?

Package One

The Finish your Book 120 Day Program


Pre Marketing Skills

Must-haves to Make your Book a Success

Create a targeted ideal audience avatar profile.

Create a list of 5 specific problems your audience has.

Find your purpose and positive mindset.

Choose your book's 5 Best benefit statements.

Writing and Book Building

Skills for Book Success

Write you 5 step book introduction that sells you.

Write your Best Book Title that Sells (with 9 Examples that include your audience, benefits, or appropriate key word phrases so your title is searchable.

Create a short chapter outline that reflects the problems and solutions in each chapter.

Discover how to write a WOW chapter introduction that hooks your readers to keep reading your solutions in the chapter middle.

Discover how to Write your Chapter Middle. With client studies, engaging headlines, stories, and Useful Tips with examples.

Create your "About the Author" page for each book and your website.

What's Inside

Package One to Benefit You?

Your Personalized Client Assessment Form--where you are now and want to be, sent to you upon enrolling. It's designed to get the most out of our time together. Value $350.

Jump Start Session. Within 2 weeks of enrolling, this virtual 1 x 1 session will lay the foundation for working together. Your 120 days starts with this session. Value $600.

One on one (2X a month) Consulting/Coaching Phone Sessions up to one hour with Judy. These require homework sent ahead to Judy for feedback, so you finish each chapter or file in one or two sessions. Value $8000.

Unlimited email support.  Email me questions, short copy that needs attention and feedback during the time you are with me. Value $3500. (Must redeem before the 120 days expire)

Complimentary up to 17 ebooks and blueprints to make your journey easier.  Value up to $500.


About the Author Page. Boost sales with more than your story, qualifications, and bio.  (Must redeem before the 120 days expire) Value $2500.  

Total Value  $15000

Investment $9950*  

*With payment plan.  Pay $2,500 now and $2,500 every month for 3 months.

Get your personal assessment immediately after checkout.

Package Two

Virtual Half  Day Book Building 1 x 1 Phone Coaching


This is My Proven System

Save confusion, time spent on writing, and create the book that will spread your message and help your ideal audience get what they want--their concerns solved.  Each skill I coach you on helps the next step get done even faster.

What's Included In your Half Day Book Building Premier Program?

Your Personalized Client Assessment Form will be sent to you upon enrolling. It's designed to get the most out of our time together and your book's success. Email your responses just after enrolling. Put your name and book topic in subject line. (value $350)

Important! Bring the assessment form to each 4 sessions.

Four 45 minute sessions plus homework breaks (up to 30 minutes) to finish the assignment.

Appropriate eBooks or Blueprints for 1/2 day session emailed ahead to study. Value up to $500.


15 days unlimited email support after the Virtual 1/2 Day.Value. $1500. (must be used within 3 weeks)

Session 1

Know your Ideal Audience Problems-Beliefs, Values, Motivations  so they choose you after discovering the value you bring to them in your book. Leads to increased streams of income, and your personal brand. Write out your 'Dear Audience Letter' for Judy's feedback. (Use this later for your book's 5 step introduction.)

Session 2

Take your 3-5 assessment answers of "What specific challenges does your audience have that you can solve?" Write them to finish with Judy on the next call. (These become your chapter titles)

Session 3

Build your short easy 1-3 chapter short outline of your audience's problems (for each chapter's hook introduction) Write brief 3-4 key phrases for your chapter middle solutions.

Session 4

Fast write your Chapter Structure with only 1 or 2 edits (building on chapter outline) so you demonstrate your transformational message or value to your potential clients. Includes your motivating chapter beginning, middle and ending.

Take in-between 4 session breaks of 1/2 hour each or less to write the homework, snack, bathroom to finish with Judy on the next call. Call her coaching line for each session (your responsibility.)

Investment $2500*  

*With payment plan. Pay $1,000 now, $750 in two weeks, and $750 in 4 weeks.

Get your personal assessment immediately after checkout.

Package Three

5 Book Writing Solutions for Top Business People to Finish the Book Your Ideal Audience will Love


Adapted for self starting individuals. 

Investment $997*  

*With payment plan. Get your personal assessment immediately after checkout.

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